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News and Reviews

News and Reviews


Awards for the printed editions

Winner of the 2005 R. R. Hawkins Award for Excellence in Professional and Scholarly Publishing
Named One of the Best Books of 2005 by The Sunday San Francisco Chronicle
Winner of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Deems Taylor Award
Otto Kinkeldey Award of the American Musicological Society

Named one of the Washington Post's "Best of the Decade: Classical Music" Top Ten

Reviews for the printed editions

"Most of the news in classical music takes place on stage or on disc. But at the moment, one of the biggest stories (in more ways than one) is taking place on the printed page." —The New York Times
"Erudite, engaging, and suffused throughout with a mixture of brilliance and delirium...staggering, brilliant, opinionated." —Washington Post
"Readers will profit from his sharp analysis and unabashed opinions... Taruskin has succeeded in writing a stimulating overview of Western society, setting a standard that will not be surpassed for a very long time..."
Library Journal
"Taruskin's chef-d'oeuvre …is a feast of contrarian ideas, with enough spice to sting the palate of anyone with a stake in telling the old stories in the old way. It aims for nothing less than the revaluation of practically everything you thought you knew about classical music....Taruskin's magnum opus is a must-read, and in its way, a real page-turner of detective non-fiction. It's a cinch to become the most discussed music title of the year, if not of the decade." —The Globe & Mail
"The book is nothing short of spectacular" —New Music Box
"There's plenty to keep you amused and enlightened - it's very good reading." —American Record Guide
"Rather than assemble an overview, Taruskin has written a critical, subjective history in which he examines the influence of key figures, works, and musical ideas against the backdrop of world affairs and cultural history." —Berkeleyan
"Musicians, students, historians, and other readers wishing a detailed narrative about the career, patronage, musical influences, reception, and creative production of western composers, as well as the development of musical styles will find this a fascinating and satisfying resource."  
Reference and Research Library Book News
"An amazing achievement. For a single musicologist, even one of the stature of Taruskin, to have produced a detailed, accurate, informative and well-illustrated history is nothing short of amazing."
Classical Net Review